Zuzula realizes the position of the pattern, but: I do not trust anyone anymore

BRATISLAVA – The smile of Veronika Velez-Zuzulova (28) has long been a smile for a sports betting offers long time. After the controversy with the Slovak Ski Association, which emerged during the previous season, and the roundabouts of representing another

Previously, they did not endorse more than five hours. Hamsik was the star

* Slovak football representatives have won their first prize in the European Championships. The winners of coach Ján Kozák in the C-elimination group took second place for the Spanish leader and will be presented at the next continental championship in

Košice won in Piešťany, Trenčín turned with Skalica

BRATISLAVA. Hockey players of the Basketball Cup won the Wednesday match of the 21st round of Tipsport extraliga on Ice Piestany 3: 2. The governing masters led 2: 0 after two-thirds, but the home team scored two goals in the

Biathlon, MS: Nór Svendsen again gold, Hurajt 19.

ÖSTERSUND February 17 (SITA) – Nor Emil Hegle Svendsen won the title in an extremely dramatic men’s 15 km race at the 42nd World Championships in biathlon in Östersund, Sweden. At the staggering finish at the stadium, he was able

Kliman was surprised by the coach as well

BRATISLAVA. At the beginning of the year, tennis player Martin Kližan was ranked 117th in the world rankings, topping his top career in the top 30. His credit to Slovakia is five years later – since the time of Dominique

Mečiř: Austrians are moderate favorites, but we play at home

BRATISLAVA. The winner Martin Klijan (88th in the ATP world rankings), Lukáš Lacko (105th), Andrej Martin (137th), Michal Mertiňák (87th in the rankings) is in the Slovak nomination for the second round of the first Euro- African Davis Cup zone

Davis Cup: Lacko won, ours with Austria lead 2: 0

Slovak tennis players win the 2 nd round of the first Euro-African Davis Cup group in NTC Austria 2-0 over Bratislava after the opening day. The captives of Captain Miloslav Mecier are just one step away from the advancement to

The Mecier picks up the assortment, considering Mečír

“I will not survive on material gifts. I was most pleased with the advance of Milos’ s son from the qualification to the main Roland Garros competition. I believe he kicks it and moves on. “ ” Milos has never

Tipsport League: Košice and Nitra have won, Zvolen has remained the leader

BRATISLAVA. On Friday, five rounds of the 17th Round of the Tipsport League were played. Košice beat Trencin on his ice 6: 0, Nitra shot Skalica one more goal. Leader of the table remained Zvolen, who won in Martin. Majdan

He made an unexpected move. Cíger is doing with Réway what Bokros

BRATISLAVA. There is no habit in the national team to give the captain or his assistant a 20-year-old boy. Martin Réway has been honored with this honor. This week’s Arosa Challenge in Switzerland will have a joke on his jersey.