Bartoli showed her parents and then won

BRATISLAVA. Frenchman Marion Bartoli played the first round of the third round match with Italian Penett 5: 7 on Saturday and as she stood on the bench uncomfortably showed her parents to leave him. When the 26-year-old tennis player turned the meeting to his advantage . The other sets won 6: 4, 9: 7 and moved to the semi final.

“I was tired, exhausted. So I had to express my feelings, “explained the accredited journalist after the game. “I had to get frustrated, so I did this. I could break a rocket or throw a bag on the ground.Normally, I do not think so, but at that moment I felt like I had to get out of her and start off again. “Parents know it I understand.

The ninth dean Bartoli had problems already in the previous match against Spaniard Dominguez-Lin, She fled him out of three shepherds, and then she was under control.

The French said she had a good relationship with her parents.

“We met after the game and they understood everything,” she said. “It was not against them. I did it because we played a long first set and I was tied up. I felt worse and worse.My father then told me that the rest of the meeting was on TV and that he had not seen me play in Wimbledon so well. “Walter Bartoli, a former physician, is also her coach, Mother Sophie’s nurse.

Bartoli arrived at the third grandslam tournament of the year as one of the favorites. Two weeks ago, she won the Eastbourne grass turf on the grass.

She plays an unusual style in both ways on both sides – like Monica Selešová once. Father Walter saw at home on the screen of the Roland Garros final 1992 Grafová – Selešová and immediately inspired by the technique of the American player. He bought a rocket for Marion, taught her to play tennis and became a trainer. James Bond Motivator

Marion wins the Wimbledon 2007 dramatically to the final when she defeated Justine Henin’s tournament unit.After the match, she was told that her performance was influenced by actor Pierce Brosnan, who had watched from the box office. James Bond’s well-known representative asked to come to the final, but Irish native had to travel from London and the French finished the final.

Bartoli has so far won six WTA Tour titles. Serena Williams, the defending champion, is waiting for her on Monday’s 4th round of Wimbledon. He has a negative balance of 0: 2 with her, but they have not played yet on the grass.

It will be interesting to see if it now allows parents to sit in the viewpoint, or they have to look for a TV spot from the beginning.