Biathlon, MS: Nór Svendsen again gold, Hurajt 19.

ÖSTERSUND February 17 (SITA) – Nor Emil Hegle Svendsen won the title in an extremely dramatic men’s 15 km race at the 42nd World Championships in biathlon in Östersund, Sweden. At the staggering finish at the stadium, he was able to transcribe the legend of Ole Einar Björndalen’s world biathlon champion and landed 0.4 seconds earlier. After taking the lead in the endurance race, it is already his second gold in this championship, Björndalen has already won his third silver at Östersund. Bronze fought Russian Maxim Chudov.

Svendsen did not score a single goal on the first shot, and fell to 13th in the offense. But since then he has only moved upward. The remaining three items were snapped off quickly and flawlessly.After the third he was already on the forehead of a 30-member field, but Björndalen and Rus Dmitry Jarošenko were in the tight hinge behind him. This trio got ahead of the other racers and they came to the last shot. Both Norwegian Biathlonists did not hesitate on it, but Jaroshenko did not manage the psychic pressure and left three targets. Svendsen and Björndalen did not finish in the final round. They both tried to sharpen the opponent. The five-time Olympic champion and ten-time world champion, 34-year-old Björndalen, who would be the world’s most successful world champion in the event, won the first place in the stadium. His 12-year-old younger compatriot Svendsen, however, was about a hundred yards ahead of the goal and won the hectic finish.Björndalen has won both the SP start-ups in this season, but he had to bow before Svendsen in the most important start of the season. Maxim Chudov attempted to catch up to the 14th kilometer, but when he saw that the Nori did not stop, but was running full, he only concentrated on maintaining his bronze position. In the first six was finally three Nori and three Russians.

Solitary performance was also given by the Slovak representative Pavol Hurajt. After the third shot he attacked the elite tenth, but in the final shot in the stand did not score two targets and fell down. He finally finished 19th and added another 12 points to the World Cup classification. Hurajt moved from 56.To 48th place. Ole Einar Björndalen reigns safely, ahead of the second Russian Jarošenko with a lead of 172 points. It also leads in the discipline evaluation (small crystal globe).

Results – men – racing with mass start:

1. Emil Hegle Svendsen (Norway) 36: 12.6 min (1 penalty lap) 2. Ole Einar Björndalen Nor. + Maximilian (Rus) +40.5 (0), 5. Halvard Hanevold (Norway) +0.4 s (1) . +1: 04.2 (1), 6. Dmitry Jarošenko (Rus.) +1: 22.7 (4), 7. Vincent Defrasne (Fr.) +1: 23.0 (2), 8. Ivan Cerezov (Rus.) +1: 31,3 (3) 9. Björn Ferry +1: 37,1 (2) 10. Andrij Deryzemľa (UK) +1: 38,7 ),…19.Pavol Hurajt (SR) + 2: 13.2 (4).

Ranking in SP after 18 races (out of 26 scheduled):

1. Ole Einar Björndalen (Norway) 735 points, 2. Dmitry Jarošenko (RUS) 563, 3. Maxim Cudov (Russia) 541, 4. Emil Gegle Svendsen (Norway) 415, 5. Björn Ferry (Sweden) 412, 6. Michael Greis (Germany) Halvard Hanevold (Norway) 339, 9. Alexander Wolf (DE) 328, 10. Vincent Defrasne (Fr.) 324,…48. Pavol Hurajt 44, 65. Marek Matiaško 16, 77. Matej Kazár )

1. Ole Einar Björndalen (Norway) 146 points, 2 points

Emil Gegle Svendsen (NOR) 121, 3. Maxim Cudov (RUS) 120, 4.Dmitry Jarošenko (Russian) 100, 5. Michael Greis (DE) 97, 6. Björn Ferry (Sweden) 84, 7. Alexander Wolf (DE) 84, 8. Vincent Defrasne (Fr. Nikolai Kruglov (Russia) 60, 10. Andreas Birnbacher (DE) 60,…33. Pavol Hurajt (SR) 12.