Davis Cup: Lacko won, ours with Austria lead 2: 0

Slovak tennis players win the 2 nd round of the first Euro-African Davis Cup group in NTC Austria 2-0 over Bratislava after the opening day.

The captives of Captain Miloslav Mecier are just one step away from the advancement to the September barrage of the world group.

The second point for Slovak colors was taken by Lukáš Lacko, who in the second single beat the Austrian double Andreas Haider-Maurer at 2:58 h after the five-act 7: 6 (3), 4: 6, 4: 6, 6: 2 and 6: 3. He gave him an introduction and conclusion

Lack had the beginning of the match with Haider-Maurer when he broke the game in the fifth game and the confirmation of the break came 4: 2.The Austrians, in the next few minutes, forced the secret, but he dragged it for a shorter end.

In the second game, Lacko had sports betting offers a 3-2 draw in the 3-2 draw, but did not take advantage of what was an important moment of the match. Haider-Maurer subsequently won three gems in a row and the other set became his crown.

The Austrian clayman started well, and again at the beginning of the third play, he took Lack again and then he was able to keep his own service. In the fourth seater, Lacko improved both the return and the returnees, after a break in the fourth gem, he rebounded to 4: 1 and forced his fifth offense.

Ladislav Simon, the coach of the coach, managed to build a 5: 2 lead in the sixth gem and the game was already over.

In the 5: 3 state, he transformed the first mecbal.Last time they lost 2: 0 with Sweden

The Slovak tennis players did not miss the Davis Men’s Cup by 2: 0 from April 1998. At the end of the weekend on the clay in Bratislava, Incheb was missing a single point for Sweden’s victory, However, they lost in the first round of the world group 2: 3.

Now the SR leads 2: 0 after Friday on the Austrians at the decisive round 2 of the 1st Euro Group Davis Cup 2014. In the Aegon Arena NTC in Bratislava on the hard surface of DecoColor under the stretched roof, first Norbert Gombos overcame Also debuting Dominic Thieme, and then Lukas Lacko coached Andreas Haider-Maurer from the man 1: 2 on sets.

The last time the Slovaks had a 2: 0 victory in the Davis cup at the turn of January and February in the same defeat against Latvia and finally triumphed 5: 0.Online transfer

Slovak tennis players win at the 2nd round of the 1st Euro-African Davis Cup group in the Bratislava NTC over Austria 1-0.

Norbert Gombos, who played in the duel of two Davis Cup debutants, beat the Dominican Thieme in 2:27 in four sets 6: 4, 3: 6, 6: 3 and 6: 4.

“I’m surprised that I did not feel any great nervousness at the start of the match.I was concentrating on putting in the court as many of the first submissions and being active on the return, “said Gombos in the first reaction for the RTVS.” I managed to keep my cool head even in the important stages of the fourth set When I played at my own service 0:30 or 15:40. After the transformation of the meadow, I experienced the incredible joy. It is one of my most valuable victories, as I have overcome the first world player, “said Gombos.” Norbert played a very good match and managed to maintain a high level during all four sets. The surface in NTC sits his game. I’m sorry I did not take the chances in important moments and make a lot of stupid mistakes. Knit down how to handle the last gem and how it worked.I did not feel any nervousness, though it was my daviscup premiere, “said Thiem.

In the second single, DekColor’s surface in Aegon Arena was presented by Lukáš Lacko and Andreas Haider-Maurer. Twenty-three-year member of the National Tennis Center, Norbert Gombos, became the 20th Slovak repre- sentative of the Davis Cup in the era of independence, replacing Andrey Martin in the first double and taking advantage of the Slovak ladder Martin Kliman in the tenth gem of the fourth Setu used the first mebbal at his own service and won the most valuable scalp in his career. He is one of the most recent ATP Entry 79 lads.Gombos is 164.

In daviscup history it is the third match between Slovakia and Austria, the state is indecisive 1: 1.

The captains of Captain Miloslav Mecir at the turn of January and February took the first round of Group 1 of the Euro-African Zone in NTC Latvia, 5: 0, the Austrians had the free kick.

The winner of the Bratislava duel fights into the September barrage for participation in the world group.

Norbert Gombos won the first point for Slovakia. He played for the first time the game played on 3 winning sets and only second time in a career over the top one player. – Tomas Prokop (@ Lewysko) April 4, 2014 Online transfer

Del Potra is missing much from Gombos, but hene reminds him a bit.Very good service and hard forhend are a promise. – Tomas Prokop (@Lewysko) April 4, 2014

Dominic Thiem is a great talent for Austrian tennis. He played the finals of the Roland Garros junior and was a world two. ATP ranked 79. – Tomas Prokop (@Lewysko) April 4, 2014

Saturday – Doubles (14.00) – Lukáš Lacko, Michal Mertiňák – Gerald Melzer, Alexander Peya

– singles (gradually from 13.00) – Lukáš Lacko – Dominic Thiem, Norbert Gombos – Andreas Haider-Maurer

Definitive cadres and rebounds: SLOVAKIA Martin Kližan Ladder in doubles, 116.

) Andreas Haider-Maurer (108. / 1769.)

Non-Rep. Captain: Miloslav Mecir AUSTRIA


Gerald Melzer (150. / 199.)

Alexander Peya (- / 3rd)

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