Every day a marathon! The runner will beat the top Czech mountains for a good thing

In Iceland, women say he fell around his neck. He was famous for the fact that he ran the whole country from north to south, from east to west and then around. He picked the money for the wheelchair. Now the ultramarathon René Kujan has set another goal. Ride the highest peaks of seven Czech mountains in the Czech Republic and help paraplegics. “Every day I want to run at least the marathon distance,” says a 41-year-old enthusiast who makes translators and journalists in civilian life.

Fourth of June will set off. He calls boots, and for eighteen days he will not move around the Czech Republic except during the course. At the same time, eight years ago, he was confronted with the fact that he would never stand up for his feet. Rene Kujan is ready to help disabled people now.

He was sitting on the passenger seat, no airbag.Severe accident. The doctors had to revive him several times before they brought him to him, followed by a spinal surgery and a gradual reconciliation that he was running with a jerk. He rehabilitated in Kladruby for half a year, where he met a lot of people in the wheelchair. And today it’s like a roe.

“People were physically much worse than I, but mentally and mysteriously better for me,” Kujan returned to the unpleasant memories. He got out of it. It was admirable.

In Iceland years ago ran from the southernmost point to the most northerly. From the most eastern to the westernmost. And then around.The last one, when he orbited the whole island, calculated his own kilometer, as he is accustomed to. “The equivalent was about 32 marathons in 30 days,” says a crazy number.

Something similar is planned now. He wants to defeat the seven highest mountain ranges in the Czech Republic, the seven highest peaks of each of them. Of course during, in the same way, it will move not only on the way to the summit but also on the mountain range.

“What is the distance to go at least a marathon distance every day, at least 42,195 meters,” says Ultramaratonec. During this time, anyone can join. Anyone who wants to.If you do not know where Kujan is right, the internet number can be found on a special phone number that will always be there, a 41-year-old runner tells you where he is, you will meet and run together.

One overlay target.

Kujan has long supported the Czech Association of Paraplegics, which he would like to choose, according to his words, at least three hundred thousand crowns. “Our general partner will double every crown, this would be six hundred thousand,” Kujan painted the amount.

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