F1: Grand Prix of Turkey by Massa

Istanbul, May 11 (TASR) – The winner of the Grand Prix of Turkey, the fifth event of the current F1 World Championship, was Brazilian Felipe Massa on Ferrari. In Istanbul, he was delighted in triumph for the third time in a row. The prescribed 58 laps took place at 1: 26: 49,451 with a slight lead ahead of the second Lewis Hamilton. Third-placed teammate Massi teammate Kimi Räikkönen.

Massa retained pole position, Rakeonnen, who fell to sixth place behind McLarenov, Robert Kubic and Fernando Alons, was far worse. Even before the first twist, Giancarlo Fisichella’s braking failed, he unscrupulously marched into Kazuki Nakajima until the plates were flying, so the safety car was released on the track.At the beginning of the third round he went to the mysterious reason for mechanics Heikki Kovalainen and ranked somewhere on the tail. Spitz has held relatively together, although Massa with Hamilton blew the attack and by hundredths of seconds, gaining advantage over others. Raikkonen used the expressway superiority over Alonso and moved to fourth place.

After the initial Rosado events calmed and in addition to the spacing between seaters did not change anything. It was interesting especially if the eighteenth Kovalainen, who had nothing to do with Adrian Sutil and even at overtaking maneuver was not fast enough to prevent minikontaktu seaters.It took until his car that was “escalated”. After fifteen rounds headed to pit Alonso, which signified that Saturday’s qualification he again came through emptier tank. Surprisingly, he was followed by Hamilton. McLaren its strategy confounded, small station could mark the tactics of three refueling, which is in Turkey “wears”. Massa leader has survived three rounds went by Alonso, Kubica as well. Ferrari role fulfilled Brazilian was back in front of Hamilton. He kept his eyes on him, kept a tight space and the attack was a matter of time. Clash finally seduced in the 24th round.Hamilton mastered the very first maneuver, take the lead and lost in the distance.

McLaren mechanics are again lined up in their place, 26 laps before the end, when during six seconds zaopatrili Hamilton. At this time remained in the air hanging only have one question – or risk three stops will bring ten-point gain. Massa second time filled the tank at the end of the 40th round. Due to the different strategies McLaren still could not assume who the couple who collaborated together from the start, after the race stands at the highest level. Some were only third place Raikkonen.Brit obviously drove faster than Massa and if his team wanted to end up before an opponent had to have scheduled times and last stop Einsteinian thought. The last batch of fuel received thirteen laps before the end and ranked at second place.

The expected final drama but ultimately did not take place. Trio headed rode in relatively the same times, Massa a few seconds his lead and lose the checkered flag raising his hands first. Hamilton was on his place he ultimately still fear the red-seater incumbent world champion was behind him dangerously close to Ferrari but the third time in a row on the double achieved.Raikkonen scored for Kubica, Nick Heidfeld, Alonso, Mark Webber and Nico Rosberg.

In the interim classification to its leader Raikkonen improved to 35 points, second with Massa third Hamilton are consistently over 28, Kubica them lose four points. In the constructors’ championship dominated by Ferrari 63-point, second place to maintain Sauber with 44 points with a minimum lead over McLaren.

Championship continues 25thMay is the traditional Grand Prix of Monaco.

The Grand Prix of Turkey (58 rounds, 1 round = 5,338 km, total 309,396 km):

Incomplete: Sebastien Bourdais (Fr./Toro Rosso), Kazuki Nakadzhima Williams), Giancarlo Fisichella (Tal. / Force India)

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