Fog does not let the racers on the track, the men’s racing on the World Championships will be on Sunday

The men’s congress at the St. Moritz World Championships was not over today. The mist in the middle of the track caused the skiers not to stand up and their sharply watched race had to be canceled. FIS Federation finally translated it on Sunday, one day to take two races. At first the female starts at 11:15 and the men’s 13:30.

The runners had to ride on the track in the so-called “free fall” at noon, but the weather was. Jury gradually postponed the start and decided to cancel the race at 14:15. Four Czech representatives Jan Hudec, Filip Forejtek, Ondřej Berndt and Jan Zabystřan had to stand at the start of the race.

The skiers did not have a typical phenomenon for the Engadin valley.German is called Malojaschlange (Malojsky snake) and causes it to act by the wind created by the high differences between humidity and temperature at night and in the day. “It’s a scary here, maybe it will not be tomorrow,” Olga Charvátová-Křížová told journalists who are acting as a technical delegate at the World Championships, Operates at the start of women’s races. “Everyone knows the phenomenon.” “When the southwest flow starts, a strip of mist that sticks to one level is stretched,” she explained.

The weather is watching very carefully at the championship. “Unfortunately, it was not possible to leave in the morning because of fixed broadcasting times,” said the bronze Olympic medalist from OH in Sarajevo. “Long-term and short-term forecasts are done.We monitor the weather during the day, it is very well processed. It was known in advance that there would be a problem on Saturday, “she said.

The sun is shining after two cloudy days, but overnight it occurred to 20 centimeters of snow that the organizers managed to clear only from the men’s track. The women’s congress was canceled.

“They all started and helped clean up the men’s ski slope. The preparation of the women’s downhill runs will work all night to bring the slopes together, “Charvátová-Křížová explained.” But she warned that a similar phenomenon may be overwhelmed by the women’s Sunday congress.

“When the fog She’ll be lying again, so she will not, “she said.” If she was lying up, she would be short, but she was in the middle.But we are optimistic, “she said.” I’m three in the women’s jury, we’ll sort of do it, “she smiled.