I will not speak of Ronald, the Portuguese coach reported. The Austrian thanked him

Portuguese football coach Fernando Santos, after a no-draw tie with Austria at the European Championship, refused to evaluate the performance of Captain Cristian Ronald, who dropped several chances including a penalty. He said he did not want to solve individual performances. He did not, however, criticize Ricardo Quares. The coach of the Austrians Marcel Koller was grateful to the Portuguese star.

“I understand the question, but I will not talk about Cristian Ronald,” Santos replied to an English journalist. “Portuguese journalists know they do not have to ask because I’m just talking about the team and not about the individual players,” the Portuguese coach said. But he broke the rule after he criticized another experienced player. “Quaresma did not meet our tactics.We wanted to bring the game more into the middle of the pitch, “said Santos, who replaced Quaresmu in the 71st minute.” André Gomes on the other hand did it right. It opened the space for our left beak. Quaresma was slow, “he added.

Portugal has not managed to score one of 23 shots, and after two matches has only two draws on the board, it is necessary to defeat Hungary in the 8th round. Only if Iceland draws with Austria and scores less than Portugal.

“We must not dive into our own misery and solve if it is fair to lose the match with so many chances. It’s just football.We have to take it positively to create a chance and focus on the last match in the group that will be the first final for us, “Santos said. The coach of the Austrians knew that Ronald’s failure saved his “If the ball fell, then we could go straight home,” Koller said of Ronaldo’s penalty. “Ronaldo had some other chances there but overall we have a player His qualities were quite good. I have to praise the whole team, as he defended himself responsibly, including our offensive players, “he added.

VIDEO | Look at Ronald’s unspoiled penalty

Defensive tactics sacrificed his The biggest star of David Alab, who was replaced by him in the 65th minute. “He had other tasks than usual.He was supposed to help his teammates on the sides and deal with it very well. Together with Harnik on the right side, many rivals have been defeated by their opponents. All the players, including Arnautov and Sabitzer, were doing their defensive tasks well, “Koller was pleased.

The words of praise had also for the goalkeepers of Robert Almer who caught several dangerous missiles. Held us again. Before the championship, he was wounded and did not know if he could recover. But we believed in his qualities and he was fantastic again today. Of course, he also had the necessary luck in the penalty shootout, “Koller added.

His team still did not score in the championship and a different match is waiting for him to win a solid defensive match against Iceland.At the point we have planted a online betting tips plant that we now have to pour out to grow. We are confident that we will be able to cope with the last match, “said the Austrian coach.

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