Kliman was surprised by the coach as well

BRATISLAVA. At the beginning of the year, tennis player Martin Kližan was ranked 117th in the world rankings, topping his top career in the top 30. His credit to Slovakia is five years later – since the time of Dominique Hrbatý – again in the first thirty-three ATP.

best betting site offers “If someone told me in January that Klimko would be so high, I would not believe,” said coach Karol Kučera. “I wanted him to settle in the first hundred. It’s a nice surprise and a reward for good cooperation. “

Kliman never forgets 2012.In September, he won his first ATP tournament in Petrohrady, winning the US Open in the second round of world champions Tsong from France, and then fighting until the eighth final, qualifying for the Wimbledon Olympic tournament and Davis Cup with Slovakia in particular, thanks to his rescuing “second league “. Martin Kližan in the ATP doubles at the end of the year 2006 – 1152.

2007- 395.

2008 – 606.

2009 – 234.

2010 – 155.

2011 – 117.

Challengers on the favorite clay, and then it was necessary to get a little bit of direction to prevent the grass and harde tournaments too, “the coach explained.

“Martin convinced himself that his game is also on fast surfaces.They still have to improve on them, because seventy per cent of the tournaments are played on fast courts and the rest of the clay. “Kliman got to 29th place in October, with 88 seats in the season. In November, he declared him the Newbie of the year at the ATP circuit. Kukal: It’s a champion

“It’s a champion that is not being born every year. There is a killer instinct on the court, “said tennis player Kuzan Jan Kukal.

“It can still improve – it has a lot of reserves.

I believe he will once win the grandslam tournament. It is good for sports. With the current trend of ‘cuddled’ tennis, he impresses that he comes with an active, offensive game.”Karol Kučera was in his best online betting offers sixth place in the world (1998), as the coach is a step-by-step supporter.”

In two years with him Kliman climbed upwards by more than 160 seats, penetrating the wider world.

“The basis for further progress is that Martin has a great taste for preparation,” added Kučera. “He’s fast, he’s got a great acceleration, he’s got a gifted move with an ideal tennis character. Sometimes it has to be distorted, he has overly self-consciousness. It’s unusual for us, as if he were an American. In sport, however, it is a good feature. “

In training, Kučera wants to focus on improving the hard surface. In the technique of tightening details, for example, in the case of cut bekhende.Tactics to improve the resolution of different game situations. He is facing a difficult year, stronger rivals

The new season is starting 23-year-old left unusually in Australia. On December 25 he is flying with his coach to Brisbane. The tournament calendar will change dramatically.

There will no longer be challengers, but big tournaments. At the premiere in the main Australian Open, he won a place amongst the players.

“It’s a tough year, more challenging. He defends many points, “the coach predicted. “I believe it will gain new experience and will move even further.”

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