Mihajlovic after the Napoleon loader will not resign

Milano. AC Milan fans suffered the highest home match in Sunday’s 7th round of the highest Italian match against SSC Napoli.

Hosts under the Vesuvius “spit” on the San Sire lava and to Campania took the 4: 0 triumph. The biggest challenge was the two-goal Lorenzo Insigne, the first hit of the match was shot by Allan and Rodrigo Ely overtakes his own goalkeeper.

Slovak captain “partenopei” Marek Hamik was on Milan’s lawn in the 74th minute, his teammate, but on Sunday the opponent in the middle of the field, Juraj Kucka stumbled on the pitch ten minutes longer.

The Milanians did not succeed in four of their opening seven appearances in the new season 2015/2016 Serie A, but the belief in the brightest tomorrow is indestructible to the coach “rossoneri” Siniša Mihajloviča.It will explain

“No doubt, I will not avoid a call from Club President Silvio Berlusconi, and I will explain what happened on Sunday, the decision is on the leadership, but I certainly will not go away, I am convinced that I can find a solution to our problems. I’m in need of time, even though I know that I can not ask for it, “said a 46-year-old Serbian coach and, for Milan Channel, labeled the cause of a smooth loss:

” It’s difficult, But we had a better team, but their offensive was different, but against the offensive of such caliber we can not afford the individual failures we did on Sunday. ”

Neapolitan helmsman Maurizio Sarri said after meeting he will continue to be challenging despite the high victory.They need to improve

“We still need to improve, the first 25 to 30 minutes we were too deep to pull in. The Milanians were good in this section, later they started lagging behind. In the European League on the legion of Warsaw we have made seven changes in the Eleventh Element. I look forward to the physical condition, “SSC Sarri, who has been persistently refusing to entertain on the title of the Serie A championship, told Mediaset Premium. >

“Speaking of Scudette would be banging.” Our only idea is to fight with Fiorentina, “said a 56-year-old native of Naples.