Montpellier HSC – Girondins Bordeaux

On Mosson clash two teams that had both pre-season Cup ambitions, but which are too far failed to meet. Home Montpellier is the twelfth in the table, Bordeaux tenth.

Les Pailladins while losing only two screens, the real divide is not five-point – nor any of today’s triumph would wards Frederic Hantze potential penetration in the first half of the table did not help. Ligue 1 this year (as it always does) extremely crowded; in fact loses Montpellier to Bordeaux more than makes his lead on the penultimate Caen (4 points). Just so few losses accumulate, and the success of efforts to combat the sudden rescue.

Montpellier know this very well; Hantzův team this year is anything but consistent. It can whip up such a performance that beat PSG smoothly 3: 0, but then falls in Lille and the Coupe de la Ligue will give way to the quarterfinals weaker Nantes. Such was the program montpellierských last two weeks. And there’s even talk about a classic case of “domestic only” forms: between triumphs over PSG and Marseille (3: 1) squeezed a tie 0: 0 with the newcomer from Nancy. For fans at the Mosson is just every game a bit by surprise.

Bet on this duel will be very difficult, although the form of Bordeaux is somewhat predictable: plodding start, then a promising season collecting points and now again stagnation. Cups on it at this moment does not really look, although Girondins still holding on to the tail of numerous groups chasing the fourth Lyon. The problem is that the team Jocelyn Gourvennec power can not win: the club attacking the top four could not really afford to have 17 rounds after the same number of wins as draws, and to still lose the matches at home against Lille (0: 1).

Last week at Bordeaux vyšlápl Monaco, who plundered the stadium smoothly 4: 0; This means that the last two home league duels Bordelais lost. Changing the environment so they might come to the rainbow. The bad self-esteem already Gourvennecova ekipa could fix it in a week in the cup, which outshot Nice 3: 2; hit even festive shooter Jaroslav Plasil.