Pastrňák ended the worry and decided to extend, and Plekanec won

SUMMARY David Pastrnak has finished his NHL goal for seventeen matches, when he has decided to win the Boston hockey players over Detroit 4: 3. Tomáš Plekanec helped with a goal and assists to a clear 5: 1 win over Calgary and his goal was victorious. Pastrňák, twenty, last scored in mid-December against Pittsburgh. At that time he was the second best scorer of the league, with 19 points behind Sidney Crosby. But then as if he was going to stop. For a month and a half, a native of Havířov could not hit it.

He broke the torture on Tuesday. In the last minute of the retirement, he waited in the left circle for throwing a pass from Krejci and with a blow to the jar, Jareda Coreau shot in the Red Wings again before Peter Mrázk.Boston has finished a series of four defeats.

VIDEO: Pastrňák’s goal has been prepared by Krejčí

“If you do not fall there, you do not do much. Keep trying to make the right things on the ice, “said the Czech youth. “Of course, it still remains in your head, but even when I had a goal series, I said that it could happen that a man does not score a few matches, eventually it was more than a few matches, so I’m glad to have it “For the first time during the first three years in the NHL, Pastrňák scored 20 goals per season. After the match, he was named the second star of the evening behind Brad Marchand, who set his third goal in the 49th minute to 3: 3. “It was frustrating.We played well and yet we lost. But the team showed the character and we made it to a tremendously valuable win, “said Marchand, whose team had a distinctly superior shotgun (49:26).

Plekhanov was the second star of the game

Plekhanov scored the seventh season in the season and was also the second star of the match. The Flames defender’s 24-minute defeat specialist defeated Flames on a blue line and a two-on-one swing of a 2-0 victory over the ice. .

VIDEO: Plecanec succeeded in a blow between the concrete

57 minutes later, with Plecnik’s contribution, Alexandr Radulov raised his second goal in the match to 5-0 .Goalkeeper Canadiens Carey Price lost a clean account for up to 1.1 seconds before the final siren, when after a beat in the power play he was honored by guest Sam Bennett.

The Montreal coach Michel Therrien still attempted to cancel the game and asked for a review at Videos due to a possible offside, but that repeated shots did not reveal and the goal was paid. “But it does not matter much in the final,” said Price, who scored the first win of the last four games. “I have never been to the statistics much, and we needed to win and that was a good one.”

The winners would also need the guests who scored the fourth defeat in a row. Even because they won the first goal in the ninth game.And for Bennett’s jerks, they would go out in the second game with no shooting. “We were playing pathetic, we were unable to pick up the whole game, there was nothing to kick us, our key players did not do anything, we needed somebody to take it,” said coach Glen Gulutzan. The second defeat after two previous winnings suffered in Winnipeg goalkeeper Ondřej Pavelec, whose team succumbed to domestic ice 3: 4 San Jose. Jets led from the 45th minute to 3: 2, but in the middle of the third period offset from the penalty shot Melker Karlsson and in the 56th minute finished the turnover Patrick Marleau.

Neither Pavelec Winnipeg did not help

Pavelec He did not manage to block Ryan Carpenter’s pass from the back of the goalpost.Marleau, who had just put the four goals of Colorado in the last third of the day, sent a reel to the goal.

VIDEO: Winnipeg – San Jose Match Winner The attacker scored the second winning goal behind, and the Sharks extended the series of six-game wins. “It’s great to be thrilled so far, but the main thing is that we win.” Carpentera was a great action, sending me a puck directly on the stick before the empty goal, “praised Marleau teammates.

Washington and Pittsburgh without Goal

Fourteen matches ended Washington’s point line, losing 0: 3 in Ottawa. Capitals who had fallen to the previous game 27.December with New York Islanders, shot goalkeeper Mike Condon, who devastated all 31 shots and celebrated the fourth clean account of the season.

He has not crowned any of the leading Pittsburgh Eastern Conference teams on whose ice 3: 0 guests won St. Louis. Carter Hutton and the Blues broke down a series of three defeats in 34 career strips.

Boston – Detroit 4: 3 v prod. (2: 1, 0: 2, 1: 0 – 1: 0)
Goals: Marchand ( >), 4. K. Miller, 65. Pastrňák ( Tailor ) – 11. Athanasiou, 27. Green, 31. Tatar. Goal Shots: 49:26. Viewers: 17.565. Match Stars: 1. Marchand, 2. Pastrňák (both Boston), 3.New Jersey – Los Angeles 1: 3 (0: 3, 0: 0, 1: 0)
/ strong> 48. Quincey – 1. Kopitar, 2. Pearson, 17. Martinez. Shots on goal: 25:25. Viewers: 13,412.

NY Islanders – Columbus 4: 2 (0: 1, 2) : 0, 2: 1)
Goalies: 23. Bailey, 37. Kuljomin, 41. Nelson, 46. Chimera – 9. Foligno, 55. Atkinson. Goal Shots: 29:23. Viewers: 11.419. Match Stars: 1. Chimera, 2. Tavares, 3. Bailey (all Islanders).

Pittsburgh – (0: 1, 0: 1, 0: 1)
Goal: 15. Parayko, 36. Reaves, 55. Upshall. Shots on goal: 34:28. Viewers: 18.563. Match Stars: 1. Hutton, 2. Parayko, 3. Perron (All St.Louis).

Dallas – Minnesota 2: 3 after Sam. (0: 1, 2: 1, 0: 0 – 0: 0)
Goalkeepers: , Rozh. Stewart raid. Goal Shots: 37:33. Viewers: 17.877.

Ottawa – Washington 3-0 (2: 0) Star Rating: 1. Spezza (Dallas) 2. Pominville (Minnesota) 3. Eaves (Dallas) 0, 1: 0, 0: 0)
Goals: 2. Kelly, 5. Ryan, 32. Smith. Shots on goal: 34:31. Viewers: 16.683. Match Stars: 1. Condon, 2. Claesson, 3. Pageau (all Ottawa)

Nashville – Buffalo 4: 5 v prod.

9. Forsberg, 38. McLeod, 46. Arvidsson, 51. Neal – 1: 0, 1: 2, 40. a 63. Eichel, 33. Girgensons, 55. Gionta, 59. Okposo. Goal Shots: 39:37. Viewers: 17.113. Match Stars: 1.Eichel (Buffalo), 2. Järnkrok, 3. Neal (both Nashville)

Winnipeg – San Jose 3: 4 (1: 1, 1: 1, 1: 2)
Goalies: 9. and 45. Little, 39. Copp – 4. Burns, 21. Couture, 50. Karlsson, 56. Marleau. Ondřej Pavelec captured Winnipeg for 59 minutes, 26 shots with 4 goals and 84.6 percent success rate. Shots on goal: 34:26. Viewers: 15.294.

Chicago – Tampa Bay 2: 5 1: 1, 1: 0, 0: 4)

Goalies: 11. Toews, 22. Keith – 47. and 47. Johnson, 19. Boyle, Nestěrov, 58. Kučerov. Goal Shots: 36:36. Viewers: 21,617. Match Stars: 1. Johnson, 2. Boyle (both Tampa), 3.Toews (Chicago).

Montreal – Calgary 5: 1 (1: 0, 2: 0, 2: 1) > 30. and 57. Radulov ( on the second Plekanec ), 20. Shaw, 25. Plekanec , 49. Carr – 60. Bennett. Shots on goal: 20:31. Viewers: 21,288. Match Stars: 1. Price, 2. Plevanec , 3. Radulov (all Montreal).