Slovan Foster Defender: It was like watching the audience

Kosice. Derby Košice – Slovan Bratislava (1: 3) enjoyed an excellent atmosphere in front of 8,347 fans, and Ladislav Nagy, who was looking forward to the performance. After replacing the jersey for the Bratislava one, some home fans were whistling, but most of them laughed.

“I was a little nervous in the first third, but it was better. I tried to play, I did not feel when someone whistled, “Nagy said after the match.

“The sold Steel Arena always has its own atmosphere. They enjoyed it all. It’s great when people come to see you over the summer. I hope it will last even in the season, “added Košice native. He came to Slovan only now after the World Cup in Minsk.Košice did not take a chance

Nagy praised the performance of the Kosice team, which he said was good. “They have a good team. In the first third, they ran out if they would score, could have been another match, and we would be worried. I did not see much difference there. “

An experienced 35-year-old attacker explained what a derby means to a foreign teammate a few days before the game.

“They were not surprised at the atmosphere. For many, they played in the NHL, knowing what they were doing, “Nagy said.

“I did not feel like it was a preparatory game in August. He had a fast pace than in the play off, “said Marek Bartánus.The noisy atmosphere, which ended up defeating the vulgar crimes, was also perceived by the deflected defender Slovana Kurtis Foster, who scored the second goal.

“Such an atmosphere in the preparatory game is something amazing. People love hockey here. It’s great to play this way over the summer in front of the stuffed tribune. You’re better motivated. “Excellent Janus

The Canadian defender was most praised for the performance of Jaroslav Janus, who took 23 shots in Košice. “Spring was great because we did not play well at the beginning. Then we broke up.It’s an important victory for the Slovan over the rival. “

Foster said the coach Rostislav Čad, who won the titles with Kosice in the past, told rivals the most.

“Coach Chada told us what an important match is. When you are in a new team like me, you want to live with the environment. That’s why I’m glad I had the chance to play against the biggest rival of Slovan, “said Foster.

“It was like watching the audience. It is a very good experience for me. I enjoyed it, “said an experienced overseas player who played for Medveshak Zagreb last year.