The Mecier picks up the assortment, considering Mečír

“I will not survive on material gifts. I was most pleased with the advance of Milos’ s son from the qualification to the main Roland Garros competition. I believe he kicks it and moves on. “

” Milos has never been as much as a youth in his youth, and he has suffered health problems. When he did a lot of training, he was still hurt. At that time, he wanted to leave tennis and focused on learning. Now it’s as if he’s gotten missed. He is still lacking, but he is gaining experience. Playing faster than five years ago can make pressure, it moves well. “

” We have a similar style, but the overall speech on the court is different. I’ve had a strategy of motion-based play, I’m sure, trying to find out what the opponent does not like and use his weaknesses. While Milos tries to go hard, dictate the game.He has his head, the genes not only me, but also his wife Petre and my old parents. “

” It will help on the financial side. He was a loser in the weekend, and he would also be helping parents to pay him a ticket. Last year he played for the tournament and started playing the German League. Now in Paris, he saw that the first round of grandslam is a bigger reward than winning two lower-end futures tournaments. “

” Coaching with the coaches has already tried and not always worked. Now he sees what he does, he does, and he does not depend on others. It gives him self-confidence.I’ve been doing a lot of my own career and the advice I got – something I tried, something I immediately refused, something that made me feel better, some worse. “

” I noticed he responded a bit to me That he did not have the necessary room. Lately, when I was on his fights, I felt like I wore him. I need to go to training and see how it is going. I try to help him with advice, even he adjusts himself. I’m glad he does it alone. So you remember all the best. “

” I had an eye in the April match with Austria, he was a substitute. Norbert Gombos performed fine. Now showing the set: Martin Kližan, Lukáš Lacko, to the doubles Michal Mertiňák.I will choose the third singer from trio Norbert Gombos, Andrej Martin and Miloš Mečíř younger. “Martin Klížan moved well, played fast and when he concentrated, he got the balls in important moments. I was expecting him a little more in the third round with Granollers. Lukáš Lacko seemed to me that he was in the first round with Federer’s hard-core opponent and that he was overcharged to my taste. “” I was surprised that the two-meter-long John Isner had a long exchange on the clay that it was not Tennis only for service. But he knew how to help. The brothers of the Bryanov are in the doubles, the second singer can be Steve Johnson and Sam Querrey. I expect the US Open to play hard on the surface. We are waiting for a difficult match. “