Vakoč pulled the peloton in the 14th stage. It made me a lot of power, she admits

Camera, flap, poison! Czech cyclist Petr Vakoč was one of the most frequently occupied riders of today’s 14th stage of the Tour de France, which led to Villars-les-Dombes. On the plane, he had the task of pulling the peloton, which he did with a smile, even though he got it nicely. “I tried to smile, but I was not laughing, it hurt a lot,” said a 23-year-old racer who was assigned to the Etixx-Quick Step team as a full-fledged assistant.

The last purely flat stage for sprinters At this year’s Tour for you. What was it?
“Surely not! We spent the whole day on top of three people and today was the relatively uncomfortable work on me, because of the strong wind it was very long and it was a lot of strength.I was not in the final, there were others, but what I saw the last three hundred meters, so Marcel (Kittel) came from a good position, maybe because of the wind far ahead and probably too soon. Then Cavendish threw him a wave, and Marcel could not spur on the podium, so it’s quite a disappointment today. “It’s a challenge to pull the whole pack more for reward because you’re often on TV or for punishment

By chance it was quite good. In a strong wind, it is worse, because it costs a lot of physical strength, but from the mental point of view, if it is technical, it is better. You do not have to push too hard for positions. You can talk in the back and so. “(Smiles)

For the first three hours, you were just over 30 km per hour.How does one guy determine the pace at the top?
“Depending on how far we go. Depending on the amount of leakage, depending on how far we are behind it and how far it is to the target. We left them for five minutes, then we kept it and then we started to descend gradually. This was a standard course. There is a difference that no one can escape, but at the same time the distance is not too low. If we were to keep the refugees for a minute, then it might happen that they would go out and the fight to escape would start again. Even though there are not many people today, there was a lot of people out there. “

Did you feel so good that you were making jokes in the camera that took you to the front of the pack? Laughing) “I was trying to laugh, although I was not very laughable.It hurt a lot. “

Did you choose the pace also due to Sunday’s stage, which will be extremely difficult?
Today we went to the spurt.

To escape, although it will be extremely difficult and spend the day going upside down. Today, it cost me a lot, and if I do not have much left, it will be a struggle for survival on Sunday. But I’d like to show up and either try to escape, or he was at Dana Martin’s hand. It will be very important to him. “

How is your team mate and roommate Julien Alaphilippe after Friday’s impact on the rock during the time?

What did you say on the pictures, how they hit the rocks in flight?
” I just saw photos and It was harsh. I do not understand how he managed to get out of it. He was so lucky and he was very good at it. “

Did he tell you what happened?
” He was a bit faster in the turn, a lot of the wind leaned over him , Shifted it to the side, and it seemed to him that he would fly out of the bend. And if he started braking, he put it a bit on the front wheel and the wind then leaned against the rear wheel. “

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