Vítkovičtí in the Prelude voted Pardubice. Boleslav matured in Pilsen

Unlike Vítkovice, guests have succeeded in the “western” front. The newcomer from Mladá Boleslav took the lead in the second third definitively on its side and Pilsen managed to reduce it at the end.

On Wednesday there was also an attractive duel of famous teams in the first league, in which Jihlava eliminated Kladno and moved to the semifinals – details HERE strong>.

The Pardubice hockey players came to Ostrava in crisis, they did not win for three points already on February 1st. Still, they managed to dominate the first match of the 2: 0 series.

However, Vítkovice narrowed to the end of the third period and with two quick goals at the start of the second round.After the middle, in which they gave five goals, they led 6: 2 and in the third act the demolition of the broken ended. Pardubice suffered the ninth defeat in a row.

After winning 8: 2, the Ostravans in the series on the three winning matches first point. The second match is played on Thursday again in Poruba where Vítkovice is in the asylum for the Davis Cup tennis in their lobby. It seems like they can sell fewer tickets than their CEZ arena, they do not even have to worry about it.

The defensive form of the visiting goalkeeper Robert Kristan was helped by the turn of the match.

He got his opponent in the match when he missed a very robust shot of Vladimir Svačina from the mantinel, and on the 22nd he slept with a throw for the puck, while Tomas Svoboda settled in bluff.Slovenian goalie Pardubic got three goals from nine shots and was replaced by Karel Vejmelka.

But he did not stop Vítkovice. Tomáš Svoboda and Roman Szturc have scored two games for them.

The second match is on schedule in Poruba on Thursday at 18:20.

The Mladá Boleslav hockey players took control of the middle twenty minute wrestle. Thanks to two goalkeepers and two passes, Captain David Excellent won two goals. In the third part of the game, the home team managed to overthrow the unfavorable situation despite the two opponents.The extraterrestrial rookie celebrates the premiere win in the play-off match in the club’s history.

The home team entered the game more actively, but goalkeepers Růžička and Machovský were flawless at the beginning. Goals began to fall at 22 minutes. First of all, when Kočí came in front of the goal to score the perfect pass and scored comfortably. 34 seconds later, he equaled the bomb from the left circle of Kubalik.

But the indecisive condition lasted only less than three minutes. After them he used the hesitation of Machovsky and Jeřábek at the start of Klimenta and made an easy run in the weakness of the Excellent. In the 26th minute, Plzni offered the five-to-three power play and after Kadlec’s shot passes, Johnson ran to 2: 2.

Boleslav started Boleslav in the middle. At 33.In the 38th minute Klimenta increased to 2: 4. And he could still move the score again, but he had fired the right stick for the second time. In the 46th minute, he added the fifth goal of the Lenc goal.

Less than eight minutes before the end of the game, the muzzle with a powerful shot dropped to 3: 5 and the guests were obviously nervous. In addition, he managed to beat the Bližňák in the 58th minute, but the final power play was ended by the attacking foul Simon, after which Boleslav defended a narrow lead.