Vlhová skier received bronze at the Junior MS

ROCCARASO. Slovenská skierka Petra Vlhová won the bronze medal in the slalom of the Junior World Championships in Roccaras in Italy.

Girls’ slalom was the first MSJ competition. Only 16-year-old Slovaks competed against rivals up to 19 years of age, some of whom regularly start at the World Cup.

Vlhová is only Veronika Zuzulová’s second Slovak slideshow, which shows a distinct talent in a separate era.Even before the age of 16 years triumphed last year at the Junior World Championships in giant slalom in the category of younger juniors, finished fourth in slalom.

In January, the premier Youth Olympics in Innsbruck twice, first unsuccessfully stretched to medal in the giant slalom escaped by 6 stotiniek and superkombinácii the sole. Finally, however, he dug gold in slalom as the only precious metal entire Slovak expedition. Did not work the first round

“In the first round I competed with number three and the advantage of good lines I missed. Once up, I made a mistake and not the whole ride was not quite right. So I was up to fifth in the second round I It has shifted thanks to the fact that the leading racer fell.I went full, but it was difficult because the inverted thirty starters I went already in the pits. Conditions were damn good, the snow was soft as the spring, “she said to TASR.

” I do not include, or my greatest achievement is gold in Innsbruck or the medal, is it somehow narovnako.But if I was now gray, probably would be the greatest achievement, because this has met growing competition as the Youth Olympic Games, “stressed Vlhová that is going to start in other competitions at the Junior World Championships.

For weather but constantly changing program and she still Thursday afternoon did not know whether to preparing for Friday’s giant slalom, which by the way at the last minute exchange with the slalom. Possible are thus transfers terms of speed races in the super-G wants Vlhová start certainly, and Congress has training of the decision.


The first Stephanie Brunnerová (Rak.) 2.Paulina Grasslová (Nor.), Petra Vlhová 3 (SR)