Wimbledon finals? McEnroe faces criticism, Lendl without reactions

Andy Murray vs. Milos Raonic in the Wimbledon final? The most famous tournament of the world will offer another, no less interesting duel. The coroner’s lodges are used by two irreconcilable rivals of the eighties, Ivan Lendl and John McEnroe. Although their legions have long closed their careers, the attention continues to grow.

And the engagement of the sixty-five-year-old Czech can not be upheld. “Ivan knows exactly what I need on the court, he can calm me down, prepare for the match. It is a pleasure to cooperate with him, “says the World Two.

Milos Raonic, his current rival, With his coaching team, Riccardo Piatti and Carlos Moya, John McEnro was recently involved in helping him with the grassy part of the season.And the results began to appear almost immediately.

The native of Montenegro played the finals at the Queen’s Club where he finished in the final as well as Andy Murray. Today the two players will repeat the situation. And the audience will not be as John McEnroe and Ivan Lendl as they did at the last meeting.

McEnroe as a commentator

But the American legend is harshly criticized. Reason? The seven-time Grand Slam winner was not available to his fighters during the semifinal battle with Roger Federer (Raonic won 3: 2). According to the treaty, he had to comment on his match for Britain’s BBC.

The representatives of the British station of the former turbulent were fond of engaging.And they reject all conflict of interest and possible bias. “John commented on the game as a real professional, he was impartial, he definitely did not favor his Chief, as he did in all other matches he had as an expert.”

But the fans have not heard of such an understanding. From the fans of Raonica, the tennis legend was catching her for letting her fiancée in the shit. “John McEnroe advises Raonic of the commentator booth? “

” McEnroe as a commentator during a match of his fiancée is the same as if Arsene Wenger mediated the match of his Arsenal fans as a TV expert. “

” Mad. Something like that can not be seen.I do not see how McEnroe can train Raonice while commenting on his match for television. “

In a similar vein, there was a wave of opposition from other supporters who watched McEnro as a commentator of the semifinals. P>

However, a native of Wiesbaden, Germany, will not be missing during his lifetime match. The contract for the final duel is reportedly available to other ESPN television stations but Raonic should be available.

Raonic’s coach was missing

For McEnro’s absence But the Canadian player had an understanding. “It does not matter if John was there or not. Moreover, this is not the first time. When I played the third round, John was also going to comment on the television.He asked me if I needed his help, and if I wanted to, they would agree to give him another match, “says a 25-year-old tennis player.

To the seventh player, the triple Wimbledon champion had words of praise. “Milos showed a big heart. He’s a warrior. Whenever needed, he was able to rank higher, his forhend was overwhelming, at the right moment he could pull out the world’s blows, “said McEnroe.

In the same spirit, Raonic spoke. “John helped me to improve the game on the net, I can better react to the key moments of the match, his experience is invaluable for me.”

Lendl does not show emotions

Andy Murray The coach can not complain.In his character, with which Ivan Lendl has been present throughout his career, he retains a stone face even during his winning matches. He does not just feel joyful and euphoric.

When Murray’s triumph at the Queen’s Club just before Wimbledon was even missing during the ceremony. Where is Ivan? It was really nice of him to stay, “he replied with a smile to the absence of a Czech legend, a Scottish tennis player. The winner of the record 94 tournaments did not intensely celebrate Murray’s triumph in the Wimbledon semi-final over Tomáš Berdych.Emotion completely suppressed after the fantastic quarter-end Murray-Tsonga exchange, when the whole British lodge, along with the sold-out auditorium of the central courtyard, honored the wonderful exchange of both.

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