Zuzula realizes the position of the pattern, but: I do not trust anyone anymore

BRATISLAVA – The smile of Veronika Velez-Zuzulova (28) has long been a smile for a sports betting offers long time. After the controversy with the Slovak Ski Association, which emerged during the previous season, and the roundabouts of representing another country, the situation of the Slovak unit on the slopes finally stabilized.

That was how it looked after her return to New York’s native Bratislava.

It was also evidence that Veronica was sitting at one table with Jana Gantner, head of the SLA. Although the union has been told betting account offers that all the conflicts of the past are already forgotten, Velez-Zuzula does not see it yet and returns to the cause in the future.Now, however, it enjoys excellent preparation and tunes the form to start the season.

Gantner does not want to go back to the past. He argues that the legislation was all right, and unnecessary scandalism was due to inadequate and poor communication. Gantner also admits her share of guilt: “I think that internal awareness has failed, and then I do not want to discuss it, and if we did not do it better, it would certainly not be a problem. to leave the discussion only at the level of the Alpine section and the marketing representative.Apparently they did not understand Mr. Zuzula, because first we had an agreement and it looked best online betting offers like everything was okay. It was a pity that this was the case, but now this case is closed on my part. “

The former great ski writer said that the negotiations on new treaties and therefore rights and obligations, began at the end of April: “The theory was clearly accepted that the representation contract would be uniform for each representative, with the additions taking into account the various specifics of this contract. For Verona, for example, the fact that he is not a long-term resident in Slovakia. In this case, but also in many others, other contracts that were concluded earlier were also dealt with. It was agreed that the representatives will have a SLA sign on their competitive clothing.Veronica even gave herself in her contract that she would have a tricolor suit in her t-shirt so she could be a member of a co-op team. Conversions have been made on both sides. “

” I am well prepared so far “

just fine. I still have a month in front of me, and there are some things I have with materials that I have not identified yet.I have to test something, but it’s just details, “ started the rating and smiled: ” I’m older and I get some other way. I start to look at other things altogether. I’ve been training with Adam Zamp for the fifth year. When we were together for the first year, I was preparing for my graduation and he walked behind me in the room as a little boy. Then he wanted to be better than me and did not have a chance. But now it’s turned around and training with him is amazing. I do not have a chance to beat him even if I missed two gates.This training has really given me a lot and it’s about something else to do with the boys. “

But one of the best slaloms in the world also feels like a pattern for young skiers. “I have been training with the young girls for which I have been a model and still wanting the same weight as I am. Sometimes their dumbbell was almost over, but they were still going to beat me. Now I was talking to their coach and the girls told him that during the training they had the best improvement for my whole life. It’s also great things for me that I have never met in Slovakia.It’s also satisfaction, and that’s why I’m doing the sport, it’s amazing, “said Velez-Zuzul.

Veronika will have a new car with a special design from a long-time sponsor that will make it easier for” ZUZU TEAM “to move to training and racing. p style = “text-align: center; “>